August 4 Speakers Update

Our guest speakers for TU’s August meeting are Chris and Amanda Tandy, members of the “350 Loudoun” (, the local chapter of the national organization of “350.ORG” ( ). This local chapter is dedicated to building a sound understanding of human-induced climate change among the residents and businesses of Loudoun County, and its impacts on our economy, national security, environment, public health, and local community. 350 Loudoun works with our elected officials to create a strong public policy response to climate change.

The specific event for which we are inviting Chris and Amanda Tandy to speak to our group occurred on Saturday, July 23, 2016, when 350 Loudoun joined other organizations to demonstrate at the Governor’s mansion and the State House in Richmond, VA.

Chris and Amanda represented 350 Loudoun ( ) at Saturday’s event and were the volunteer bus captains on the bus from northern Virginia. By all accounts this event was a success, and Chris and Amanda will to tell us about that event and relate their relationship with various local and national environmental groups.