September 1 Speaker-Albert Spells, USFWS, on Brook Trout Connectivity

September 1 Speaker-Albert Spells on Brook Trout Passage and Restoration of Habitat

Albert Spells is the project leader of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Virginia Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office in Charles City, VA, assuming that position in 1992. He has been a fish biologist with the Service for more than 36 years. His job responsibilities are to work with partners (private, local, state and federal agencies) to establish cooperative working relationships to address management and restoration of native, anadromous and interjurisdictional fish and shellfish, and their habitats. Albert has worked in the fish passage and habitat restoration arena since 2004 and has worked with partners to re-open nearly 350 miles of rivers and streams in Virginia to fish and aquatic species migration. Albert holds a BS degree from South Carolina State University and a Masters Degree from Tennessee Technological University.