Friday, May 12 Fish With a Member Trip Destination now Piney Branch

Due to wet roads and high water on Friday we'll be going to the Piney instead of the Rapidan.

We'll be going in from the top since water levels are high. Beetles should be a good option in the high water. It is about a moderately steep 30 minute hike down.

The only license you need is a current Virginia license The terrain can be steep at times, so pack light and bring water to keep you hydrated. Hip boots will be all you need to fish this stream. It will take few warm days to get the fish moving. If we get lucky, you may see some black winter stoneflies, and if trout are rising it is a good bet they are taking these small stoneflies. These small (size 18-20) flies can be fished behind a larger dry fly or piece of poly yarn. Both serve as a visual reference because you won’t see be able to see the stonefly. If a fish rises in the vicinity of your fly, set the hook. Small parachute Adams work well even when fish aren't rising. Working upstream with short casts and keeping the slack out of your line works best. Try to keep the end of your fly line pointed upstream. If the line stops or moves upstream, lift your rod to set the hook. I would suggest trying an ant pattern in size 14 or smaller as the trout appear to mistake them for winter stoneflies. Another fly that works well is the green weenie, which imitates caddis larvae that are common in Park streams. Carry flies in several different sizes. A final tip to avoid getting lost on the return: stay on the Piney Branch Trail, and don’t turn onto the Piney Ridge Trail. Remember that fish live in “branches” but not on ridges!