UPDATE: June 1 Meeting: Jim Wilson on TU Climate Change Workshop, Plus Gear Swap

JUST IN: A very generous member has donated the equipment on the attached list for sale at the meeting to benefit the chapter. Check it out!!

UPDATE: After the meeting, George Gaines, Regional Coordinator for Project Healing Waters will be available to accept donations of usable gear and tackle for use by wounded veterans. Please consider donating any gear you don't sell.

Since early this year, Jim Wilson has been working with members of the TU Climate Change Workgroup to assemble a PowerPoint presentation that can be used to provide chapters with recent, scientific information about climate change and the potential effects on trout and coldwater fisheries. One the objectives is to have a presentation with notes that can be given at any chapter meeting. Another objective is to provide source material so that listeners know where the information comes from, and they can follow-up on their own to investigate information of interest. At our June meeting, Jim will present a sample of the information in the draft presentation. He hopes to get comments from those present about the level of detail in the PPT and suggestions for improvement.

Following Jim's presentation, we will have tables available for you to spread out any gear you would like to swap or sell. Please bring all those items you haven't used in the last year. Your wife or significant other will appreciate it!

ps Please consider donating some of your sales receipts to the chapter.