May 3 Fly of the Month - Lefty's Deceiver

May’s Fly of the Month to be demonstrated by John Hadley is Lefty’s Deceiver. This fly was developed by Lefty Kreh and can be tied in many different colors and sizes to represent a variety of bait fish. Tie small flies for small fish to very large flies of large fish. Bring your vise, scissors, thread, bobbin, and hair stacker if you have one.

Techniques and material to be learned:
• Buck Tail Hair
• Hackle Tail
• Krystal Flash and/or Flashabo for flashing
• Pearl colored cord of Flashabo for a body
• Peacock herl or Krystal Flash for over-wing
• Red accent flash for throat
• Eyes
• Epoxy Head

Hook: #6 to 3/0
Thread: White 3/0 or 6/0 (can use other colors, especially for the head)
Tail: White hackle (4 to 8) (can use many other colors too)
Flash on side: Krystal Flash or Flashabo
Underbody: Tying thread, pearl colored cord or Flashabo
Wing: White bucktail on side-bottom, green bucktail on top (can use just about any color on top)
Over Wing: optional, a few strands of peacock herl or dark Krystal Flash
Throat: Red Accent Flash
Eyes: Painted white with black pupils, stick-on-eyes or with no eyes
Coat head with epoxy for durability and to seal in stick-on-eyes

Fishing Tips: It is a streamer imitating a bait fish; cast across and downstream, retrieve quickly, slowly or with short strips to simulate an injured bait fish; whatever strikes your fancy.