May 3 Speaker- Guide Neal Mason

About Neal Mason

My Name is Neal Mason founder and President of Fish’N Mason’s Lane (FML). I want to welcome you to my “Lane” of life’s coexistence… fishing! We at FML want to create “Lanes” that incorporate your passion for fishing and the great outdoors with FML’s core mission… sharing my passion for fishing with you!

Growing up on Lake Erie, my Dad would come home from work Friday afternoons and take my brother and I fishing. Dad would call Mom from work, “tell the boys to get ready”; which meant start digging up worms for night fishing! Our stringers were always full of fish to clean for the family fish fries on Saturday nights. Since the age of 3, fishing has been a part of my internal fabric; handed down from Dad and confirmed today each time I’m on the water; generating a burst of laughter after every catch.

Raised in Northern Virginia I’ve always been passionate about fishing; and after nearly 30 years of Government Service, I’ve decided to follow that passion.

I attended a private (FISHER-BEN_Hahn) School for Guides in Colorado. The comprehensive week-long certification course covered all matters related to guiding, as well as operating a successful guide business.

For the past 20 years, I’ve fished these waters; organizing multi-day group excursions for friends and family. Known as one of the best smallmouth bass fisheries in the state of Virginia, a full day float trip routinely yields 20-35 bass! Talk about a fun time; these fish fight like “hell on water.”

“Destinations on the Fly” is the travel entity of Fish’N Mason’s Lane that organizes and host anglers to world class fishing destinations. Fish’N Masons Lane has partnered with Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures booking agency to enable once in a lifetime angling dreams come true. Currently specializing trips to the country of Belize in Central America.