Fly of the Month - Copper John October 6, 2018

Fly Tying Demonstration: In the continuing fly tying techniques and materials series John Hadley will be tying the Copper John nymph. Bring your vise, basic tying tools and black thread to learn the techniques for tying a Copper John nymph fly; tying materials will be provided. It is a relatively easy fly to tie but there are several steps and it takes five minutes for the fast drying epoxy to dry. If you are there by 6:30 pm you should be able to tie two before the meeting starts. I am aiming to be there at 6 pm to set up and tie a few for my fly box. Techniques to be learned:
• Tying on a split biot tail
• Attaching a bead head
• Wind on a copper wire body
• Using peacock herl to form the thorax
• Using Partridge feather for legs
• Using thin skin for a wingcase with a Flashabou accent
• Using 5 minute Epoxy finish