Boy Scout Powder Horn Program

Scout, Venture Adult Leader Event
On the Sunday August 26, 4 members of the Northern Virginia Chapter of Trout Unlimited supported a Boy Scout National Capital Area Council program called Powder Horn 2018 at Camp St Charles, Newburg, Maryland. The is an annual resource course designed to introduce Scouting’s Adult leaders to exciting program possibilities using a variety of resources for their unit. Its purpose is to educate youth and adult Scouting leaders about outdoor programs like fly fishing, to connect them to resources to deliver those skills, and to get them excited about delivering those skills in an exciting, challenging way to youth. The program is a three day event.
We were proud to introduce Fly Fishing to over 40 adult scout leaders by giving them a fly casting lessons, showing them how to tie a fly (a #2 Clouser minnow) and lead them in a discussion where we gave them and over of TU and why it is a great organization to consider. In addition, they were provided various fly fishing resources in the Virginia, Maryland, DC area.
The goal for the participants was to leave the Powder Horn course with a list of ideas, contacts and resources to help these scout leaders develop and enhance their own fly fishing program, by including lists of local fly shops, fly fishing festivals, Trout Unlimited programs, Tidal Potomac Fly Rodders, and the Boy Scout Fly Fishing Merit Badge program, to name a few.
The TU portion of event was coordinated by Tom Roberts, with assistance from: Bill Errico, Dan Cunningham, and Mike Thomson.
We were able to expose Scout and Venture program leaders to TU, Fly Tying and Casting. There was significant interest, especially the Venture leaders, that will hopefully result in a number of “Merit Badge” programs down the road.
Fish On!