NVATU's Western Maryland Trip

From an inauspicious beginning in May 2004—too many anglers, too few beds, too much water (thousand year flood), and too little fishing—a special trip for both men and women anglers has evolved. We have explored and found many fishing spots since that first trip, and now the chapter runs nine day western Maryland trips every spring and fall.

Western Maryland offers a variety of fishing opportunities over a large area, and there aren't many other anglers. We fish four rivers and many smaller streams, some of which are catch and release brook trout streams with brookies up to thirteen inches. The North Branch of the Potomac River and the Youghiogheny River are big rivers with challenging fishing; the Casselman River and the Savage River are medium sized streams; the first is fairly easy to fish, and the second is challenging to wade and technical to fish.

Since October 2010, we have been guests of Bob and Nancy Parker at their vacation property on Deep Creek Lake. They are gracious hosts, and the accommodations are perfect for a large group, so it's no surprise that the trip attracts a lot of repeat business.

This is a trip for enjoying fellowship, making new friendships, and continuing fly fishing's lifelong learning experience. We'll share what we know with you, orient you to the area, and pair you with other anglers as appropriate. We do hope more chapter members will join us on the trip in the future.

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