Tune-ups are an excellent opportunity to have an expert evaluate your gear
and techniques prior to seasonal hatches and changing conditions?
If you're great at catching brook trout on your 2-weight rod but
couldn't hook a smallmouth on a popper if your life depended on
it, then a smallmouth tune-up may be perfect for you. Tune-ups
are usually held at or near a productive fishing area. A resident
expert or flyshop guru will be there to see if you have the right
rod/ reel/ line/ leader/ fly setup to get the most out of your fishing
experience. Sometimes they can sell you anything you may need
to complete your rig, and other times they may help you perfect
your casting form.

One thing is for sure - Tune-ups are a good time! Attendance is usually
high at our tune-ups, so it is another opportunity to mingle with
fellow chapter members. Tune-ups are also well publicized, just
like the FWAM trips, so you should be able to plan well in advance.

The chapter asks for a $10 donation from participants on tune-ups.
At the end of the year there will be a special raffle for attendees of these events.