Decent Fencing Etiquette that Makes Great Neighbors

Repairing or installing your fence does not really need to be complex. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of things that you can do to make the fencing procedure go smoothly. Below are a few tips for fence etiquette that you may need to think about as you plan for your next fencing project: 

Talk to your neighbors 

If you are thinking about replacing or installing a fencing Augusta GA of your home, make sure to apply decent fencing etiquette and take a few times to let your neighbors be aware of the changes that you are planning to do. Doing this won’t be just respectful, but it can also guarantee that there won’t be any surprises as your construction starts. They may consider the building phase as annoying, particularly when they are caught off guard. If this is the case, this can add in any troubles with your neighbors along with the ways. 

Hence, the best option would be to discuss with your neighbors regarding your plans and let them express whatever issues they have in terms of the design.  

Check with your HOA 

When you’re living in a community with a housing covenant or an association for the property owners, there will typically be a bunch of guidelines that limit what you can or can’t do with your home. Such contracts are passed in order to uphold the home values within that place. Particular design factors like the style or type of fence and the stain color can be decided by the homeowner’s association. Sometimes, you might have to get permission from the HOA before you can install your fencing legally. Once you live in this type of community, you have to carefully look at your deed before you establish your plans for your fencing project and actually start building.  

Check local laws 

Laws can differ from one state to another and one city to another. Hence, you need to guarantee to inspect the local news before you construct a visible and physical boundary between you and your neighbors. Your area’s zoning laws may put some limits on what you can’t and can do with your fencing. For instance, when you’ve owned a corner lot, you may be constrained on how high you can make your fence to avoid blocking the field of vision of every motorist. To be secure, inspect with your local zoning office before you can get permits and begin any fencing work you want to complete.  

Boundary line 

It would be best to invest the money and time in a surveyor today than to expose yourself to a lot of issues later on. As you install a fence, the general rule is to construct 1-2 ft. within your property line. Doing this will resolutely prove that the fence is within your boundary. On top of that, it will give you sufficient area where you can access your fence’s exterior without entering the property of your neighbor.